Everyone has heard the saying, “when you know, you know.” But, for a seasoned agent like Lisa Gild, knowing is more than just a gut feeling: it’s a calculated approach and a deep understanding of a client’s needs and wants, along with some precision. Lisa, who is recognized for her high-profile clientele and her wealth of experience, has positioned herself as a trusted source—especially when it comes to creating marketing strategies designed to maximize profits.

Whether buying or selling, Lisa’s unparalleled approach to marketing makes her an industry leader as she confronts every client interaction with one intent: to give them the life they desire via the home of their dreams. We sat down with Lisa to garner some insight into how crucial it is for her to capture the client’s vision and the science behind her strategy.

From the perspective of a client, what is one lesser-known key detail in finding the ideal property?

L.A. is unique in that we have a plethora of environments that are rich in history and architectural styles, so curating the city and matching that with a buyer’s DNA can generate a wonderful outcome.

Also, not being limited to a neighborhood is key, as there are many undiscovered or up-and- coming locales. So, buyers should both keep an open mind and allow the agent to guide them in determining how to find an ideal home that brings their best life to fruition.

You are known for having a depth of knowledge in the luxury and lifestyle real estate market. What prior experiences and/or acquired skills from previous professions have you carried into your role as a Partners Trust Associate?

Prior to working at Partners Trust, I was involved in sales and marketing for 12+ years for various publications, including Angeleno magazine and C-Suite Quarterly, which allowed me to develop an understanding of the luxury real estate industry and lifestyle marketing. Also, having lived in and explored Los Angeles, I have acquired a nuanced knowledge of L.A.’s geography, microhoods and array of architectural styles.

los angeles venice canals

How does your marketing experience translate to homeselling?

Understanding consumer trends from marketing has helped immensely in homeselling. It allows me to analyze the way in which people live their lives and determine which specific microhood perfectly fits their current or desired lifestyle.

How do you match buyers to what you call “microhoods?”

Every L.A. neighborhood is very distinct with a variety of pockets and subtle differences, so if you look at a neighborhood such as Venice, you have to match the microhood with the way your buyer lives his or her life. If your buyer is a screenwriter, he or she might prefer the quiet and serene surroundings of the Venice canals, whereas a buyer who works in tech in Silicon Beach might prefer to live off of Abbott Kinney in walking distance to his/her office and the hip restaurants. Another example is Brentwood, where an entertainment executive might prefer a modern estate with views ideal for entertaining on a street like Tigertail Road or a family of four might prefer a Classic Monterey Colonial in Brentwood Park with expansive grounds and a neighborhood feel.

It’s also extremely important to understand the buyer’s preferred aesthetic and architectural style, as well as his/her ideal landscape setting to find a home that truly resonates. Whether it be a Mid-Century Modern in the Bird Streets, a Hollywood Regency in Trousdale Estates or a tranquil retreat in Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon, L.A. offers endless architectural options to suit one’s desired lifestyle.

How do you define an “inspired lifestyle,” and how does that play out in the Los Angeles real estate market?

Everyone wants to live out his or her full potential and live in an environment that makes them feel inspired. Whether it’s the striking architecture, the beauty of the setting or the unspoken quality of intricate design details, all of these elements contribute to a home and “sense of place.” From a seller’s perspective, this “inspired lifestyle” comes to fruition by creating a marketing campaign that visually articulates what it’s like to live in that environment and its sensibility—and ultimately realizing a buyer’s needs and desires.


On that note, we understand you have a blog that keeps sellers & buyers “in the know” on the latest real estate and architecture trends and captures your lifestyle approach.

Yes, I created MAISON-LA which I define as “a portal into curated lifestyles for inspired living.” It is an intersection of art, design, architecture and real estate, and a way for my clients and Angelenos to read up on the latest architecture trends, art happenings and LA’s ever-changing real estate market. MAISON-LA features everything from “In Focus,” showcasing architecturally significant homes coming to market, “Of-the-Minute” financial insights and market projections, as well as “Happenings in Your Hood,” which highlights upcoming art openings, new and noteworthy architectural homes and other “in-the-know” happenings in various LA locales.

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